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My Blogging History (in brief)

I believe I started to write something on the NET just about in 3 years ago. That was when I learned how to use Windows Messenger, a.k.a. MSN. ( back when I was in high school, all the kids use Yahoo Messenger) Almost every collage student in Taiwan knows how to use MSN. It’s almost like a basic skill or somethin’. So I soon registered my first account. And there it was, the MSN Spaces!

At first, I was writing some words of my expressions, emotionally, on the MSN Space. And that’s totally boring you might say. Last November, I decided to start to write a new blog. A blog that doesn’t depress me. And I’m going to do it with style this time.

The SquareSpace – I first found that place. And I tried for it for about a month. Loved it! It makes everything easy to change.( compare to TypePad, another blogging place I found at the time.) And the style editing system was so easy-to-use. So I started to pay for its price…USD$12 a month and you get everything you need! Woo, I must be Rich!

Not after a one-month-free trial account and two months paid membership. I quited! Because the price is too high and almost no hits on my blog.( can’t even make a successful search on Google!) But I’m not giving it up. I’m moving to a place where my friends write their blogs.

Wretch! They provide you a free blog account with storage-limited photo album. Almost everyone has one, but not everyone likes it! How say?! The system over-loads every time you try to reload a single page! And they said that was because you’re using a free account… Hell, I’m not going to pay a penny for that!

But.. I need that connection so desperately.. I need to get to the place where people’s at. Although I don’t like it, I’m still ganna post something on that. Meanwhile, I’m going to find a new home, and, this is the main blog I’m currently focus at.

In fact, I did not make my dicision so easily. I’ve been working on moving to Blogger later I found Wrecth was not even reliable. Blogger’s totally free and it’s easy to use, but somehow I don’t like it. And since I upgrade my Blogger account to Google account. I don’t even know how to do with the new system… And Blogger can’t let you to back-up your files. That’s terrible! What if one day everything just disappeared? And you can’t blame them for free account!

Anyway..  the story ends here. So I basically moved to three different places this Week until I ended up here (at WordPress.com) and That’s crazy!

Kirk T. ( Jan. 25, 2007 )